Trenton Mcgay is one of the characters on Just an average day. He is best friends (sometimes enemies) with Ethan and Kenan. Trenton is considered an outcast at Gunberg Junior High.


Trenton lives on the west-side of MenNewOur city in house #69 with his Mom, Delia McGay. Trenton has the worst luck out of every character on the show, he usually ends up dying in various (mostly brutal) ways in each episode. Trentons dad is always away on "bussiness trips" which leaves Trenton alone with mom. Trenton also has a pet half great dane/half teacup chihuahua dog named Mickey.Trenton is also 5 ft tall and 110 lbs, he is one of the shorter characters in the show.


No trivia for this faggot yet. Sorry.

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